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Aishwariya's silks was started in 2008 by its founder Mrs. M. MEKALA at her house hold in k.k. nagar Madurai.  She  was  initially  a  home maker  of  two kids and  later  she  started  her  own  tailoring &  embroidery  unit at  her  house.  This business  gave her  a  lot  of  customers  in  the  surrounding  areas .

Thus she wanted to start her own textile business. So she started Aishwariyassilks at her house at a very small level .She managed to bring in chudithar materials and sarees from nearby markets and sold it at her house.

Later she also joined items from north india by 2011 and converted her same house hold into a retail outlet. She joined silk material,synthetic material,cottons,silk cottons, soft silk and readymade items. Day by day she excelled in the field.By 2012,she wanted to convert her store into an Organised retail outlet. Thus she also  invited her son,who was then working with an organised retail chain in Mumbai with a retail management specialisation. After his entry both of them converted the business into organised format. They introduced computerised billing, stock  maintenance, shelf edge labeling , stock analysis, godown stocking and inventory maintenance. They together travelled throughout the country in search of various items and brought in whole new products into the store. Their main mantra was quality goods at lower prices. 

By 2013 they gained a good reputation in Madurai. Thus they put up their own manufacturing unit around Chennai.They manufactured good quality silk and grew bigger. The managing director also invited MR. Muthu palaniappan, her husband who was in a very good position with ICICI Bank. After his entry he took control of finance management and also brought in new investors and bakers. With his support they grew manifolds and diversified a lot within the business. They started earning very good profits.

They grew up very steadily.Although they excelled in marketing, finance and operations they lacked in the field of technology. The entry of their younger son Mr.M.Muthappan into business aided them in putting up new softwares for the business maintenance and also website development and maintenance. This helped Aishwariya's silks to stand out from the general competition.By the team work of all four of them they worked harder and they excelled in all fields .They have also put up their new branch in South masi street due to their hard work.

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Mrs. Mekala
Mr. Muthupalaniappan

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K.K Nagar, Southmasi Street, Kanchipuram
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